Table of Contents

  • Authentication

  • Generating an API Key

  • Structuring API Calls

API Documentation


Generation of an API key must be done on a per account basis. The Redlist Public API doesn't currently support API Keys that span multiple accounts.

How to Generate an API Key

  1. Login to Redlist and Go to Admin > Integration Hub

  2. Click the blue + button at the top of the page

  3. Click the Redlist option in the Connect Integration modal

  4. Give the integration a Description and upload an image if desired - click Next

  5. Choose the permissions desired - click Create

  6. Copy the ApiKey, Secret, and ShardID - these will need to be included on all api requests for this account

Structuring the API Calls

Add the three required headers with their values (provided in the Redlist Integration Hub) to all Public API calls:

  • apiKey: {{API Key}}

  • vaultSecret: {{Secret}}

  • shardID: {{ShardID}}